Mayweather vs Maidaina II Preview: Can Maidaina crack the “Mayvinci code?”

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Floyd Mayweather simply doesn’t do rematches. He beats his opponents so easily, so comprehensively, there is no need for a second encounter. His fallen foes bow out quietly and become part of the statistic that defines Mayweather’s career. The most impressive unbeaten streak in boxing: The 37 year old American’s mark of 46 wins and 0 losses. This May however Marcos Maidana a rugged slugger from Argentina gave Mayweather all he could handle for 12 rounds, before losing by a majority decision.

Following his toughest test this decade, Boxing’s pound for pound number one felt inclined to give Maidaina a rematch. He said immediately after the bout “If the fans wanna see it again, we can do it again.” From that moment the gauntlet was thrown down. For only the second time in the American’s illustrious career he would sign on for a rematch. So here we are Mayweather-Maidaina II “Mayhem” in Las Vegas.

In the final press conference before his first tussle with Maidaina in May, Floyd Mayweather asked in the boisterous manner only he can: “Who can crack the Mayvinci code?” Who could blame him for his bravado? After all in, his 18 year career very rarely had anyone come close to his mastery in a boxing ring. Self-proclaimed “TBE” an abbreviation for The Best Ever, the 37 year old American expected his first fight with Maidaina to be another standard night at his second home, Las Vegas’ MGM Grand. He would walk into the ring and leave it unscathed with another victory, making a fool of his opponent in the process.

Marcos Maidaina had other plans that night. From the opening bell, he charged at Mayweather, throwing punches from all angles, swinging with reckless abandon and landing 221 blows; more than any other of Mayweather’s previous opponents. Following Maidaina’s wild start Mayweather began to weather the storm in the middle to late rounds. He used his superior boxing skills to make his opponent miss before snapping the Argentine’s head back with vicious counters and combination punching, piling up enough points on the judges’ scorecards to win the fight.

Mayweather walked away with the decision but the manner in which Maidaina was able to push Mayweather back onto the ropes and unleash his trademark barrage of wild, looping punches, suggests that at 37 years old the world’s greatest boxer has finally slowed down. After all a younger, fresher Mayweather would have manoeuvred around the ring and used his foot speed to bamboozle his younger foe.

No longer a rank outsider; Maidaina flanked by his trainer Robert Garcia, was quietly confident at this week’s pre-fight press conference. He stated “I am going to take out any doubts in my mind about the first fight. I’ve adjusted now and I think I’ll be ready.” The problem is the world and Mayweather now know what Maidaina is capable of. Floyd knows what to expect and will no doubt adapt to his opponents rough and aggressive style, a fact he alluded to stating “In the end it comes down to skills, smarts and adjustments.” Skills, smarts and adjustments, three things Mayweather has built his sizeable reputation on and the three things that should carry him past Maidana tomorrow night.


Mayweather wins by a late knock out.


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